How to Find Old Family Photos

Family photos are an ancient tradition that makes it possible for people to store and hold memories. Thanks to their longevity, they can be passed down generations. If you have questions about your roots, you can trace your genealogy by tracing old family photos.

This is thanks to several online resources that boast of having more than 24,000 old family photos. By using these resources, you also get to learn about where they lived. Some of these resources provide this information for free while in others, you have to pay a substantial sum of money. The process of finding old family photos can be done through the following simple steps.

  • For starters, you have to find a reputable resource that has a rich archive. This is important as it increases your chances of finding the people you are looking for.
  • It is important for you to have your family surnames at hand in order to speed up the search.
  • There are individuals who submit old family photos to such websites. This means you can also carry out your search by using the submitter’s surname.

Using such resources to find old family photos makes it possible for you to connect with cousins and long lost relatives and this is what makes the entire prospect enticing. What is more, you can also find old photos of ancestors who go back to hundred of years. Nothing gives people more pleasure like knowing where they come from and this is exactly what archived old family photos give you.

Incase you are wondering how to go about finding old family photos, it is important to note that it is pretty easy. As mentioned earlier, there are several online resources that make this possible. For instance, there is an online directory known as It hosts some of the oldest photographs and this makes it possible for you to find what you are looking for. There is also which has more than 1,400 surnames for you to go through.

Another site that is reputed for offering various resources is In this case, you can use the first and last names of the people you are searching for. Additionally, you can also visit for more free resources. The site not only stores old family photos but also other documents that might be of help to trace old ancestors. Another important site that offers you the opportunity to find old family photos is

Some of the websites that provide these services rely on submission of old photos from you. For this reason, you can also choose to submit and register with them. Note that if the number of submitted old family photos increases the chance to find long lost relatives is also heightened.

The best thing about using online resources to find old family photos is the fact that they are simple and easy to use. All you have to do is follow through with the basic steps provided on such sites and make the necessary payments if any and you will have your old family photos in no time.